Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Photography Contest Opportunity

Photo contest opportunity for Jr. High/High School students. This is NOT a 4-H sponsored event, but I wanted to share in case we have some who want to participate. smile emoticon Thank you, Kim Benton for sending us the info. smile emoticon Click the link for rules and details. If you enter, please share your photo with us!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Photography Judging dates

Mark you calendars! :-) I just confirmed with Willie that the Ext. Office is available the dates we wanted for our workshops and County Photo Judging Contest. Here are the dates and times.

February 6th; 3:00 pm
March 18th at 3:00 pm
March 26th at 6:00 pm
April 7th at 6:00 pm - County Contest

Remember; you don't have to attend all workshops to compete, but the more you attend the better knowledge you have. We will also post what we cover on the FB page and the blog for those who have to miss. We'll work out more workshops after county. For those interested in being on an Int. or Sr. team for state, but let us know. We will really want to meet/practice with you after county up to State Roundup. :-)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

We are SO VERY PROUD of each of you who submitted photos to the county contest. smile emoticon I cant wait to see how you all do at District/State and with the Photography Judging project. smile emoticon Not all of the participants were able to attend last night, but I wanted to post the pictures of the ones who were there with their ribbons. Also; this is the photo that won Best in Show. It was taken by Livia Sessions with Cloverleaf Club. This was her "Night Photography" entry. I will be posting the other photos in the next couple of days to showcase the photos that were submitted. We have some GREAT talent in Cherokee County!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A few changes to enter District

There have been a few changes made to enter the District photography contest.  I am pasting part of the email we received from Wanda at the District Office below.

4-H Connect is now open for District 5 Photography Contest registrations. The information for the contest is attached.  There are a couple of changes from the dates listed on the Advance Organizer, so please make a note. 

Due to 4-H Connect being unavailable from February 19th thru midnight February 29th for the transition to Extension, the new deadline is March 1, 2016 at the regular fee of $8.00 plus $0.50 per photo.  Late registration will be until March 4, 2016 with a late fee of $25 added to the regular fees.

Please be sure the entry photos follow the formatting and labeling instructions (#4 of the attached rules).  Each photo must be submitted as an attachment via email to  with the subject of the email the member’s name and county.  More than one photo can be attached to the email, the member does not need to send separate emails for each photo.

Entries will be showcased in a running slide presentation during District Roundup on April 30, 2016. Selected photos will also be used on the District 5 website and may be used for marketing and promotion efforts.

 So, you have a little extra time to submit your photos to District, but be sure you email them to the email address above AND enter them at 4-H Connect.  Both must be done for you to be entered.  

District is open to Junior-Senior levels and you may enter 1 photo per category.  Please, review the following rules for you submissions to District and pay special attention to how you should email them.  It is a little different than what we did at County.

1. State 4-H Photography judging criteria will be used except as stated in this memorandum.

2. This contest is open to all 4-H members enrolled in the third through twelfth grades, as of August 31,

3. Photographs must have been taken by the 4-H members since January 1, 2015.

4. All entries for the 2016 District 5 4-H Photography Contest will be completed using the 4-H Connect
system and e-mail. Please read and follow the submission guidelines very carefully to ensure correct
entry classification.

Formatting Your Photograph:
Photographs should be taken at the highest resolution possible. Photographs must be in a .jpeg, .jpg, or
.gif formation. Files submitted may not be larger than 2,048k (2MB). Best of Show winners may be
asked to submit a high-resolution file or an original negative, print, or slide.

Labeling/Naming Your Photograph:
Each photograph will need to be clearly labeled with the age division, category, county, last name, and
first name. File name should include an “_” between each of the items:

Example: John Smith in 7th grade from Clover County entering the Details & Marco category would
upload a file labeled: “Intermediate_Details_Clover_Smith_John.jpg”

Please use the following labels for the categories:



E-mailing Photographs:
In the subject line of the e-mail, include the name of the 4-H member and their county. Example—
Member Name, Clover County. Please make sure the photograph(s) is attached before sending. No
text is needed in the body of the e-mail. E-mails can come from personal e-mail addresses as well as
county Extension office e-mails. Send photographs to .

5. A 4-H’er may have one entry in each category for a total of 15 entries.

6. Black & White pictures and Color pictures will be judged together. There is not a separate division for
Black & White photos.

7. Entries must arrive in the district office no later than March 2, 2016 (March 4 for late entries). Photos
will be judged prior to District 5 4-H Roundup so that awards can be distributed during Roundup.
Contestants DO NOT have to be present at any time during the judging or awards presentation.

8. Entries that do not follow the rules, category guidelines, class description or general guidelines will be
disqualified. The judges’ decisions are final.

9. Photos may be submitted only one time to the District 5 4-H Photography Contest. A single photo may
not be entered in multiple divisions or classes (IE: the same original cannot be duplicated in multiple

10. By submitting an entry to the contest, the 4-H member grants permission to D5 4-H Youth Development
Program, and any other public or private agency authorized by the D5 4-H Youth Development
Program, the use, and rights associated to the use of the photographic likeness, in promotional
publications, and other media, without compensation.