Tuesday, March 8, 2011

State Photography Clarificication

These two new rules actually slipped by me, but I believe we have caught them in time. :-) If you plan to participate at state, the photos must be submitted ONLINE by April 15th. So, no developing or mounting is necessary. HOWEVER, there are guidelines as to pixel measurement.

Please see the site here: http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/youth/photography/index_youth_photography.php#guidelines

Also, A county may have only one entry per class for a total
of 14 entries per county, and all entries and entry fees must be submitted DIRECTLY TO THE TEXAS 4-H AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT OFFICE via 4-H CONNECT (registration) and e-mail (photos).

So, that means we are limited to 1 photo per category, period. Again, this is a new rule and did slip by me. So far we have only had 1 senior participate in the county and district contest. If you are a senior, and you plan to participate, please contact me so we can make sure we don't have two participants in the same category.

Please, see the rules and guidelines as to the process to do this. Each photo will cost $10 to enter.

Remember, only those at the Senior level (14 and up as of August 1st) can participate at State, and you need not have participated at county or district to participate at the state level.

For those of you who submitted to District, Willie corrected each photo to the correct size, and they were submitted on time, so no worries. :-)