Saturday, November 29, 2008

District Photography Deadline Approaching

Hi, Everyone ;-)

Just reminding you that Willie must have any photos that you plan to send to District by 5:00 pm on Friday. If you decide to enter photos that were not in the County Contest don't forget to put the new photos on a CD and give it to Willie as well. :-)

Also, you will need to sign up at 4-H Online, if you have not already done so, and register there as well. ;-)



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

District Contest Rules are posted.

Many of you have been confused about the District Photography Contest. The District Contest will follow the state rules; however, the District Office has sent out the following exceptions to the State rules.

Those of you who wish to enter the District Contest will have to do so on 4-H Connect. 4-H Connect is an online data base. First you will have to create a family profile, once this is done you will be able to add each child in your family that is over 8 years of age to that profile. Then I as the agent will have to get online and certify your children as official members. Then you can begin registering them for District/State Contests and Events. If you have any question please refer to the 4-H Connect Instructions Sheet.

There is a $5.00 per child registration fee for their first entry. Additional photos may be entered at $0.50 per photo per child.

Still have questions? Please contact the 4-H Agent at (903) 683-5416

Monday, November 17, 2008

Photos are on display

The photos from the contest are now on display at the Jacksonville Public Library. Willie will not be taking them down until Friday afternoon, so please go by and see all of the great photos! The kids did a FANTASTIC job. :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Photography Contest Results

This year we had 4 Judges evaluate each entry. The Judges' Score Sheets will be mailed to each participant. All the photos were great and the Judges did a wonderful job for us and spent several hours going over the photos carefully.

The results are as follows ---

Architectural Elements:

Jordan Hall - Blue 35.33
Zachariah Brown - Blue 35.00
Jordan Hall - Blue 30.25
Zachary Parker - Red 29.00
David Wingard - Red 27.50
Thomas Parker - Red 25.00
Thomas Parker - Red 22.50

Plants & Flora:

Thomas Parker - Blue 35.00
Jordan Hall - Blue 35.00
Katy Dickey - Blue 31.25
Zachary Parker - Blue 31.00
Clay Anderson - Blue 30.50
Jordan Hall - Blue 30.00
David Wingard - Red 28.50

Special Effects:

Jordan Hall - Blue 37.50
Zachariah Brown - Blue 33.00
Thomas Parker - Blue 31.50
Zachary Parker - Blue 30.50
David Wingard - Red 28.50

Still Life:

Zachary Parker - Blue 33.75
Thomas Parker - Red 29.25
Rebecca Brown - Red 26.50


Zachary Parker - Blue 32.00
Thomas Parker - Red 28.75
Clay Anderson - Red 26.00
Amanda Rathbun - Red 24.50

Theme (Volunteers in Action):

David Wingard - Blue 34.25
Thomas Parker - Blue 33.25
Zachary Parker - Red 25.50


Rebecca Brown - Blue 34.50
Shelby Partin - Blue 32.75
Zachary Parker - Blue 30.00
Zachariah Brown - Red 26.75
Thomas Parker - Red 18.75


Jordan Hall - Blue 38.50
Rebecca Brown - Blue 37.25
Katy Dickey - Blue 33.75
Zachary Parker - Blue 33.25
Clay Anderson - Blue 32.25
Thomas Parker - Blue 30.75
Clay Partin - Red 27.75

Best in Show:

Jordan Hall - Animals

Congratulations to all those who entered!!!

Photos can be seen on the Photography Blog Page on Tuesday, November 11th.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Result of the 2008 Cherokee County 4-H Photography Contest are....

going to be posted right here this Friday. Thank you to all the parents who allowed your kids to participate and a special thanks to all of you kids who submitted photos. This year the judging will be difficult as we have over 40 photos to judge and the quality overall is excellent!!!! Check back Friday afternoon to get the results. All photos will be on public displayed in the Jacksonville public library next week. The photos will be posted on this blog as well. Good Luck to all who submitted photos!!!!!