Monday, January 12, 2015

Reminder for District

Here is the information for District Photography.   

The District Office will be accepting entries until February 17, 2015. All contestant registration
information should be completed on 4-H Connect by this date. All pictures must be received by the
due date and in the specified format or the entry will be disqualified.

Entry fees for the District contest are $8.00 per person plus $.50 per photo. You will be notified as
soon as the contest registration becomes available on 4-H Connect.

Entries will be showcased in a running slide presentation during District Roundup on April 25,
2015. Selected photos will also be used on the District 5 website and may be used for marketing
and promotion efforts.

E-mailing Photographs:

In the subject line of the e-mail, include the name of the 4-H member and their county. Example—
Member Name, Clover County. Please make sure the photograph(s) is attached before sending. No
text is needed in the body of the e-mail. E-mails can come from personal e-mail addresses as well as
county Extension office e-mails. Send photographs to .

***  Please be sure to follow all of the guidelines  and remember to register at  for this event as well as emailing them to the address listed above.

Photography Judging Information

Photography Judging Project

The classes for the Photography Judging project will begin THIS Thursday night, January 15th.  We will meet at 6:00pm at the Extension Office in Rusk.  We will then meet every other Thursday night for several weeks.

The objectives of this project is to help you learn how to judge a photo technically (i.e. looking for lighting, composition, interesting subject matter, focus, etc.)  This project teaching the participant develop critical thinking and decision making skills.  It will also help you develop your photography skills.  This is actually a VERY FUN project, and costs NOTHING except your expenses to the competitions.

Tabitha  Patterson (owner of Borrowed Moments Photography and Professional Photographer) will be leading the classes and will focus on one aspect of  photography each week.  You will also learn what is involved in the project/competition and practice that.

This is a new project, and is NOT a qualifying event; like the photography project itself.  However, we WILL have both County and District contests for this event.
  This is also an invitational event at State Roundup.  That means we can already plan to take both Intermediate AND Senior teams to State Roundup to compete.
This is an amazing opportunity for Intermediates and younger Seniors to see what all State Roundup is about.   IF you would like to be on a team you will need to be able to attend state Round up on June 8th – 12th.  Photography Judging Competition is the afternoon of the 9th. More information will be given at the class on Thursday, but if you have any questions, etc. please contact Wendy Emprimo 903-721-7897.

**  Jr.’s can attend the classes and participate at county and district, but only Intermediates and Seniors may go to State.  We REALLY want to take at least one team in each division (more if we can) to represent Cherokee County.  Keep in mind that when your record book is judged they like to see variety in projects; to see that you are “expanding your interests”.  This would be a good one to start with.

Dates of classes and competitions:
Jan. 15th & 29th                   
Feb. 12th & 26th
March 12th
April 9th
County Roundup (Which will include Photography Judging) is March 21st.
District Roundup (Which will include Photography Judging) is April 25th
May's dates are TBD, but we will meet to talk about results of District Roundup and go over some things before State Roundup.