Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NEW Photography contest: Photo Judging

About a year ago a new project was added to the 4-H Program; Photography Judging.

This project teaches students HOW to judge a photo.  It teaches them what to look for such as composition, lighting, subject matter, etc.  The same things judges look for in the photography project when the kids submit the photos.

This could be a HUGE benefit for those who like to take photos, and who enter photos to the photography contest.  This will help you learn to better judge your own photos to help you improve.

The photo judging project is an individual as well as a team project.  For county and district we can have Jr., Int. and Sr. teams participate.  District will be held at District Roundup in April.

This is NOT an advancing project, much like the photography project itself.  It is an invitational event at State Roundup, which means if we can get  intermediate and senior teams together then we can plan to go to State Roundup.  ;-)  This would be a wonderful experience, especially for the intermediates.

There will be an informational meeting about this project on December 9th at 6:30 at the Extension Office.  If your child is interested please attend if at all possible to get more information. Otherwise you may contact Wendy Emprimo to get the information.

This will also be a project that will require several classes/workshops.  One of the things we will decide at the meeting is when we can meet to do this.  Tabitha Patterson will be doing the teaching.

We would LOVE to have at least one or two Intermediate and Senior teams to take to state to represent Cherokee County.  This would be the first year this project is being done in our county and we are very excited about it.

State Roundup is the week of June 8th - 12th with the photo judging contest being held on June 9th.  More info on that will be at the meeting.  

We look forward to seeing you all there!!  :-)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Workshop Cancelled!

Due to the impending storms/cold the weatherman is calling for this weekend we are going to reschedule the photography workshop.  As soon as I have a date from Tabitha I will let y'all know.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Photography Camp

***Deadline to register is November 28th.  Register at 4-H Connect****
Photography Safari
Patti Suler
Northwest Houston Photo  Club
Patti and the Safari Guides will take you on a field experience for a real life photography outing.  Youth will learn the basics of composition and what makes an interesting photo. They will work with the photographers on a scavenger hunt of interesting subject matter.  The safari review conducted at the end of the day will offer participants opportunities for feedback on their best shots.  Bring your cameras and a media card.

Wanderlust for Travel Photography
Wayne R. Wendel
Bridgeland Photography Club
Wayne will take you on his unique adventures and share the rules of thumb for travel photography.  His presentation will include basic elements of photography, equipment, and composition to telling the story of your trip through pictures.  This will be an adventure you will not want to miss.  Bring your camera and wanderlust for traveling.

Wizard of Macro
William Banik
Houston Photographic Society 
William plans to get participants so close to insects that the details will be awesome.  He shares all the techniques for adapting equipment to capture amazing creatures.  Participants will learn the secrets of getting close up and personal with the subject. "The Wizard" will pull the curtain on the technology that makes it all happen

Wicked Photography!
Paul Batchelder
Northwest Houston Photo Club
"Wicked Photography" challenges participants to capture sensational images using low light, night and other dark specialties.  Join Paul Batchelder to explore easy and creative ways to shoot stunning photos.  This interactive program includes: Low Light - Night Shooting, Black and White, Stop Action, Aerial Photography, Zoom Blur, and Fireworks. Bring your camera.

Painting with Light
George R. Phile
Houston Photographic Society 
George will create magic with light and guide participants to explore the techniques  for of painting with light.  Participants will need to know how to do a time exposure on their camera and bring a tripod.  This will be close up work in a dark room using flashlights, cameras, tripods and your imagination!

Nature Seekers
Cletus D. Lee
Houston Camera Club
Nature Seekers will explore the unique beginnings to a new perspective on nature photography and take you on a journey to perfect your hunting skills. This session will cover all the basics from equipment to shutter speed and seeking out the right subject.  Cletus will provide a short field experience filled with nature observation and still life set up. Bring your camera and adventurous spirit.