Wednesday, December 17, 2014

District Info and reminders

We now have the information for the County and District Photography Contests.  Remember, District is NOT a qualifying event; all Juniors - Seniors may participate at District without having first competed at county.  However, having the feedback from the judges at county sure does help, and county is FREE to participate.  :-)

Everyone may participate at County and it, again, entry is FREE.   The deadline to enter County is January 7th at 5:00 pm.  All entries need to be emailed to Willie and in the format specified in the State guidelines, so please be sure to read those.  Judging will take place the following week and results will be posted here on the blog.

The District Office will be accepting entries until February 17, 2015. All contestant registration
information should be completed on 4-H Connect by this date. All pictures must be received by the
due date and in the specified format or the entry will be disqualified.

Entry fees for the District contest are $8.00 per person plus $.50 per photo. You will be notified as
soon as the contest registration becomes available on 4-H Connect.

Entries will be showcased in a running slide presentation during District Roundup on April 25,
2015. Selected photos will also be used on the District 5 website and may be used for marketing

and promotion efforts.

County and District will follow the same guidelines as the State contest, so please be sure to read those carefully.

***Remember; any photo taken as of January 2014- the contest deadline is eligible, so if you took some great photos last Easter, summer vacation, church  camp, etc. submit them.  :-)

We are right in the middle of the holidays, so be sure to keep those cameras handy.  Remember, some of the BEST photos are not staged; they just happen.  Be ready Christmas morning for the surprised/happy shots.  The "bed hair" from the little ones, etc.  Be creative and direct the family in some photos, or the pets.  Don't forget about New Years and the outdoor light displays, etc.  AND THE FOOD.  :-)  Practice the techniques and HAVE FUN.  :-)  Don't forget about weather changes; we have had some GORGEOUS sunsets and cloud patterns lately.  There are 15 categories you can enter; take advantage of them.