Tuesday, September 29, 2015

County Photography and Photo Judging Contest dates

Mark your calendars!!!

The dates for the County Photography Contest and Photo Judging have been set.  

All entries to the photography contest may be emailed to wendysdarling@gmail.com by 5:00 pm January 14, 2016.  Please, be sure to follow the submission guidelines stated in the State guidelines as far as size, and what to put on the subject line.

Judges will have the week of January 18th-22nd to judge the photos.  

The Photography Judging contest will coincide with County Roundup on January 30th.   All awards, including the photography awards, will be given that day after Roundup.

Photography Opportunity! :-)

For anyone who is interested; I have a couple of phone books you can have for entrance fees.  4-H photography kids; this would be a fantastic opportunity to get some photography practice in, and maybe some great shots to enter in the contest.  It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend!!  :-)

THIS weekend, October 3 - 4 from 9am - 4pm is Phone Book 
Recycle Days at Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. Get in Free!
Help our Earth and get FREE admission to the zoo. Take an old 
phone book to be recycled and receive one free admission ticket 
for each phone book recycled. How cool is that?!

Friday, September 25, 2015

2016 Guidelines/District Deadline

The new guidelines for the Photography Project have been released.  Most of the rules appear to be the same as last year, but please be sure to read through them all.

View guidelines and information HERE.

County and District will follow these same guidelines; however the entrance fees and submission deadlines will be different.

County Level will accept photos from Pee Wee and up; and there is no entrance fee for County Level.

District Fees will be announced when we find out; the deadline for District entries is February 24, 2016.  This is for Junior - Seniors.

The new "theme" this year is “4-H, Ribbons, Awards and Recognition”

Description: Theme photo focuses on a subject announced and outlined in the contest rules and guidelines. For 2015-2016 the theme is “4-H, Ribbons, Awards and Recognition”. This year the theme will focus still life arrangements of 4-H awards, ribbons, recognition. The arrangement and positioning of items will be strongly evaluated as well as the quality of the photo. Photo should create emotion and have impact!

What is NOT Allowed Livestock show auction, winning photos. School, sports, church, or any outside of 4-H awards. The theme is to highlight 4-H awards. 

Examples A senior 4-H members awards, ribbons, belt buckles, and/or plaques arranged so it creates a strong story of success or the impact of 4-H.

We will have copies of this guidelines available at the information meeting September 26th. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Photo Opportunities

The photography information class will be held September 26th at 1:00-2:00, but that does not mean you have to wait to start taking those photos!  :-)

All photos taken between January 2015 up until the day of the deadline to enter the county, district, or state contests are eligible.

You have lots of great opportunities to take advantage of right now!!  Do you plan to attend the East Texas State Fair?  There are people, animals, night time shots with the lights,
and all sorts of things that would qualify for any of the 15 categories available.

Football games!  Don't forget those action shots.  :-)

Take a look around you and think "outside of the box".    We will see you on the 26th!!  :-)